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My name is Bob Cogan and a few years ago I moved our entire company, lock, stock, a few hundred barrels and our gunsmiths to Newville in the beautiful state of ALABAMA.  

We re-established our facility a little further upland from Florida, in very good deer country, and if pictures are worth a thousand words just gander at the shot below. 

ALABAMA has excellent hunting experience's.  Just this past season I nailed a very elusive and smart old timer at 586 yards with a Win .338 and personal hand loads after days of stalking, and peek-a boo elusiveness.  We take hunting equipment seriously here. We service firearms for hunters from Alaska to Africa and we have access to most new gear you might be interested in putting together for that next hunt. 

We are just as serious with the competition pistols and revolvers we build for some well known pros, the military, police and personal protection firearms we build for personnel of various agencies, and we can build something for you.


We are a large company in scope, we do the gunsmithing and refinishing under one roof, and yet small in the way we do business. The old fashioned handshakes and good work.  This is a hands on business and most processes require talented hands to do things well.  

The best way to explain the myriad of products we have and processes we perform was to split the site into "What we can do" and "What does it cost".  

Larger pictures and more explanations make it easier for you to see our quality.  Soon PDF Adobe file price lists will make it easier for you read, download and assimilate. It should be easier to estimate what it will cost.  

This is an ongoing project and takes time, and sometimes patience.  No two guns even if from the same manufacturer, model and finish are the same.  Metals, plastics and hybrids all require some kind of tune or adjustment for maximum performance. Thats what we do.  

Accurate Plating and Weaponry, Inc., opened it's doors in 1977.  We are currently in a modern 5,000 sq. ft. facility in Newville, Alabama.  For thirty years we operated in Clearwater and Safety Harbor, Fl.  

It's important to know who you ship your gun to and clearly what is being done to it .  After all to most folks their personal protection firearm, competition gun, hunting rifle, shotgun, duty weapon or heirloom is a very intimate matter. It represents their interest, taste, level of accomplishment and just might save your neck one day.  We understand that. Thats why we ask you to go to our site directory and terms page. Explaining the firearms industry is complex and many things overlap, the language gets mis-understood and dealing with dangerous items requires clear cut definitive answers.  A bullet sent in the wrong direction can't be recalled.  This will help you to navigate this very large site.

Accurate Plating & Weaponry, Inc. has served the OEM Firearms Industry as the largest supplier operation of its kind specializing in all aspects of custom gunsmithing, parts and firearms finishing, firearms refinishing, repairs and custom upgrade refinishing.  We do it all and we do it in house.  Very few companies can make that claim. We know, we do their refinishing.

There are over 3000 names and companies in our current database. We have been fortunate to of received over 50 feature magazine articles about our work since the early '80's, literally on every type of weaponry. It shows the diversification of our work.  

We don't have to namedrop but we finish firearms for some of the largest manufacturers, pre-owned gun dealers, many custom gunsmiths and for the general public.  Our customer base is huge,  Alpha Precision,  Masaad Ayoob,  Jim Clark, Caspian,  D&L Sports, Merle Eddington, Eagle Grips, Phil Hemphill, Frank Garcia,  Hogue Grips, KBI,  Kel-Tec Arms, Kahr Arms,  Rob Leatham,  Bill Rodgers,  Springfield Inc.,  Jack Ragsdale, JoJo Vidanes,  Hank Williams Jr. just to name a few. Manufacturing finishes for Colt,  FN and others.


  •  We do provide excellent work because many of our employees have been with us for 20+years.

  •  We maintain a very large parts inventory.

  •  We have good turn around times because it's  “all in house”, one stop shopping.  Gunsmithing and plating are under one roof. Your firearm stays here till complete.

  •  Accurate Plating and Weaponry offers the largest selection of finishes in the industry.  Some finishes are better for some applications than others.   The finishes are as diversified as the customers interests are. And many of our finishes offer more than just protection from the elements or a new look. 

  •  Our premier product Hard Chrome is an essential natural friction remover for the "accurized" firearms we build. It prevents "galling" on some softer or dissimilar metals.

  •  In Gunsmithing, we began as one of the pioneers of competition-style enhancements such as compensators.  We were one of the first in offering them on competition guns and then taking that knowledge to concealed carry pistols and revolvers. 

  •  And we are a little different in our approach to smithing, As an integral part of Accurate, the in-house Cogan Custom Shop offers Professional Gunsmithing, not mass production assembly techniques as used on almost all types of firearms and mass production sometimes means a larger hammer. 

•  We build custom guns from your existing firearm or parts, and parts we may have or supply.  

•  We liked the competition so much, we'll sell you one! Now the best deals in town on the entire STI product lineup are available at Accurate Plating. We'll order anything from the full lineup of STI firearms and accessory products for all you're shooting needs and we'll give you the top quality service you expect from Accurate Plating and Weaponry. This saves double shipping and gives us a chance to inspect the order.

•  We have a huge inventory of both stock and custom gun parts. And if we don't have it we can order it as we do it all day long for repairs and upgrades.  But you would need a trailer to move all of the parts we have in stock. We know, it took four trailers when we moved.


Your patronage over the past 30 years is deeply appreciated.  And we will continue to offer you the same outstanding AP&W Service and Quality. Our website will be updated with the information you want and we promise you a more exciting visual look at the work we are capable of.  

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It may take longer to download but it will show you our attention to detail will be pictures that don't hide the details. 

Something else, we share something in common, our love of country, support for our troops, and a love of firearms. These firearms help forge this country, feed this country, and have defended the freedoms that this country was built on. The management and staff of Accurate Plating and Weaponry is happy you dropped in.

Bob Cogan
Robert  “Bob”  Cogan
President Accurate Plating and  Weaponry


Few companies can do what Accurate Plating and Weaponry, Inc. does thus the site can be intimidating at first.  It is very large with large pictures.  I am the webmeister and the photographer, but also a shooter and I like to see the smallest details in the products they modify, makeover and manufacture.  

Another thing we do is try to explain a lot more than some others do. An informed firearms owner is a safer owner.  Many of these firearms shown are customers guns. Some are our personal firearms, and you won't be able to tell the difference. I have worked with Bob for thirty years and his integrity is unquestionable.  They treat your firearm as it is their own and they welcome you to the home of APW and the COGAN Custom Shoppe


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Including - 1911 Style Pistols - Sig Sauer - Beretta - Smith & Wesson -
 - CZ - Taurus - HK - Ruger - some legacy firearms too.

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